Our Yuccas can grow nearly 7ft & last 30+ years



The sharp-tipped, sword-shaped leaves stand out!



These Palms make the ultimate night impact!


Our Yucca “Palm Trees” mature in various sizes making
them unique conversation pieces. .

Spanish bayonet yucca produces stunning spikes of fragrant, white, bell-shaped flowers.


We have been raising Yucca Palms for over 30 years. We have seen our yuccas surive summer heat without water for months and winter weathers with snow and ice and live and grow each year.

Begin Your Tropical Oasis with Our Yucca Palm trees make unique conversation pieces! These very cool and decorative plants thrive well and can grow fast in weather conditions from Ice to Desert heat. Our Yuccas not only look cool in the summer but in snow cover as well. Yucca Palms can last 30 plus years and they reproduce themselves too! By the way, plants can also produce beautiful white bell flowers two times a year that last up to 4 weeks. Choose from 6 inch single stalks to 6 foot 3 branch palms. Limited quantities this year. See us on Facebook! and YouTube.


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We will show you how to plant them and care for them so they stay healthy and grow quickly.

Spanish Bayonet Yucca

Depending upon location, Spanish bayonet yucca produces stunning 2-foot (61 cm.) tall spikes of fragrant, white, bell-shaped flowers.

These flowers last for a few weeks. The flowers of yucca plants are only pollinated by the yucca moth at night, but the sweet nectar of Spanish bayonet draw butterflies to the garden. Flower spikes can be cut back once blooming has finished. Spanish bayonet yucca is an evergreen in zones 9-12 but it can suffer from frost damage in zone 8. Once established, it is drought and salt tolerant, making it and excellent candidate for seaside gardens or xeriscaping. It has a slow to moderate growth habit and will grow in full sun to part shade. For fuller, healthier looking plants, Spanish bayonet can be cut back to 1-3 feet (.3-.9 m.) tall every 10-15 years. Gardeners also sometimes snip off the sharp tips of the foliage to prevent injuries.


This evergreen shrub has a strong architectural quality uncommon in Northwest gardens. The sharp-tipped, sword-shaped leaves stand out in a spiky sphere and gradually form a trunk that can reach 7 feet tall. If you lean up against them they can puncture your skin and even your eye so be careful. The long slender foliage, blue-green in color, often gracefully bends or slightly droops from the tips, and forms a stately specimen as it matures. Growing in full sun, once mature, tall flower spikes tower high above the foliage and carry dozens of pendulous, lantern-shaped creamy white flowers in mid to late summer. Our yucca is extremely easy to grow and adapts to most soils so long as there is good drainage.

Flowering and Fragrance

Flowering and Fragrance During early summer and in early fall, during maturity, huge flower spikes produce dozens of creamy white pendulous, lantern-shaped flowers. The flowers spikes are somewhere between 2′ – 5′ feet tall. Yucca plant flowers are fragrant in the evening and attractive to the yucca moth.

Light & Temperature

Cured leaf Yucca grows best in full sun but will tolerate partial shade. Lower light levels can result in fewer flowers and spindly growth. It is a rather hardy plant and with handle temperatures of −4° degrees Fahrenheit (−20° C) without leaf damage.

Culture Notes

Yuccas adapt well to most garden soils. This plant prefers a well-drained or sandy soil but is tolerant of clay and gravel and is very drought tolerant once established. The best growth and flowering occur in full sun.

Size & Growth

The single unbranched truck of this evergreen perennial plant shrub can grow somewhere between 6′ – 10′ feet tall. The trunk might start branching lightly with age. This plant can spread by offsets in larger groups.


This plant is drought tolerant because of their thick waxy leaves doesn’t have strict water requirements once established. However, if planted for landscaping, recurvifolia plants will always look more attractive when watered regularly, especially during spring through late summer. Only water an inch every week. This plant is not very picky about soil conditions but prefers sandy well-drained soil. It’s tolerant of clay and once established is drought tolerant.
Whether it is clay or sand, if the soil is well drained the pendulous Yucca will happily grow.


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Grooming and Maintenance

This plant doesn’t require much maintenance or grooming.

  • Cut leaves back to the stem as close as possible with a trimming shears.
  • Cut them back about three times a year.

Here are some things to keep in mind. It is not usually necessary to fertilize this plant. It is best to water the plant if there is a longer duration of hot weather

Plant Yucca Recurvifolia in early spring or summer

Water once weekly to ensure a strong root system is established.
Once plants become established, watering regularly is not necessary.

They are susceptible the small spiders and bugs which can make your plant week. I recommend using a spray 2x year for bugs that you can buy at Home Depot or Lowes’s such as Spectracide Malathion.

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Many Size Choices

Yucca palm trees in various sizes make unique conversation pieces

pick up at our nursery

When you pick them up at our outdoor nursery, I’ll show you how to plant and care for your new Yucca.

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Start your Tropical landscaping with Yucca Palms

Our Yucca “Palm Trees” mature in various sizes making them unique conversation pieces. These very cool and decorative plants thrive well and grow fast in any weather condition from Ice to Desert heat


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